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Voice Search Optimization – New Trend

Voice Search Optimization

As we all know that typing a search query to get answers is an old method now. Voice search is in trend as people find it easy, quick and hands free. In simple words, search on web and phone with your voice. You can use your voice to do things such as search, get directions, create reminders etc. As per the popularity, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple launched their own versions of advanced voice-responsive i.e. Cortana, Google Now, Alexa and Siri. Even Dominos has voice ordering feature available now.

Well, it is not restricted towards SEO only. When we talk about search reports and online business then it is important for both marketing processes i.e. SEO and PPC. Due to rise in this new trend most of the searched phrases are long-tail and question-based.

Adoption of Voice Search

  • For better understanding of the topic, let’s discuss how it can be used:

To perform voice search just tap the Google app icon or microphone and go to settings. Here you can set voice to “Ok Google” detection. After completing settings, speak “Ok Google, Query.”

  • Countries or Languages supporting this feature are:

Extensive collection of languages can be recognized by Google’s voice search for example: US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

Google provide voice actions along with search feature which lets you perform various phone functions such as making a call, send message, send email, navigate through maps etc.

Right now, voice actions feature is available in US English only.

  • Pros and Cons of using Google Voice Search: As always this feature also have some pros and cons with it. Lets discuss them here:
  • Pros of this feature:
    • Good Speech recognition
    • Very easy to use
    • Supports more than 30 languages
    • Voice Actions for accessing phone functions
  • We have only 1 con for this specifically and that is:
  1. Can sometimes get it wrong.

Google’s director of conversational search distinguished that the speech recognition inaccuracy rate has been reduced from around 25 percent two years ago to just 8 percent till December 2016.

“The One thing which remains true about SEO is that it always changes.”

 Optimizing website for Voice Search:

  • Content Marketing: Start writing content with a natural language than using so many synonyms. Try to have content simple and informative. For example if someone says something like which is the best restaurant in Australia? (A type of conversational search) then you must have this present in your content.
  • Q & A Page: Create Questions and answers page on your website using words or phrases that people usually use while speaking than adding words we used to type for searching. Start brainstorming about what questions people can asked about your business in natural spoken way.
  • Mobile friendly: The website must be mobile friendly because if a person lands on your website via using voice search and goes from a bad experience then you may lose a potential customer. We all are very well aware with the importance of making your sites mobile responsive to avoid bounce rate and negative impact on rankings. If we check the bounce rate then 10% of users are from mobile.
  • Structured Data Markup: Structured data is used to provide information of the website’s business to Google. By implementing markup you can make it easy for search engine to provide accurate and enhanced results. It will majorly help local businesses as people used to add their location with query while speaking or voice search. While you markup your content try to have it for Your address, Phone number, Store hours, Prices, Directions from major highways etc.
  • Audio Submissions: We can convert text into audio via using tools and then we can promote that link on audio submission websites such as Soundcloud.
  • Google My Business: Listing your business in Google Maps is a must to avoid losing near me searches. For example if someone says “Nail Art studio near me” then it automatically refer to the GPS location of the phone to know your current location and then check maps to provide you the results.
  • Two ways can be used to understand Keyword Phrases:

According to the online studies “Who” and “How” phrases showed a vast increase.

  • We can use few tools available online such as, StoryBase or Question Samurai to help brainstorming practice easier as these tools provide natural language keyword phrases which you can incorporate into your content strategies.
  • To analyze the best key terms, we can take help of Google’s Search Consol to know that how people are finding and reaching on our website. Search console won’t provide us data of those search terms specifically that from where these queries came from i.e. voice search or typing search.

If you correctly find that with which search terms people are finding your business online then try to check the results to understand the websites ranking on 1st five positions. For an example: “Best Pizza near me” you’ve found this as keyword, now say it in Google and check what are the five top results (it could be Yelp, zomato, tripadvisor) start working on them.

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