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Ugly Face of Trafficking in Humans

Stop Human Trafficking

Many countries are getting affected with a serious crime, Human trafficking.  This article will describe every essential point.

What is Human Trafficking?

This term is an illegal way of people’s exploitation. Numerous Men, Women and children are becoming victims of this crime. Traffickers use different ways to exploit people like threat or use of force, bullying, kidnap, fraud, deception, often beaten, abuse of power and many more, the list goes on and on and on. They force victims toward prostitution, labor, organ removal, slavery against their will.

“All victims of trafficking share one essential experience: a loss of freedom.”

Runaway and homeless youth, as well as victims of household violence, sexual assault, war or disagreement, or social inequity are frequently targeted by traffickers. Foreign nationals who have paid significant travel fees often become highly beholden to traffickers or other mediators due to  the lack of awareness with atmosphere, laws and rights, language ease, and cultural indulgent.

Victims left with no other choice rather doing what their traffickers are asking them to do, as they have total control over them now. Isolation and fake promises of traffickers left victims trapped and fear leaving for many reasons, including psychosomatic trauma, shame, embarrassment, emotional attachment, or physical threats to themselves.

Who Traffickers are and why they do this?

Traffickers can be anyone, a gang, criminal, family member, employer, friend, company owner. They employ a variety of tactics to have power over them like physical and mental abuse. They are exploiting other people for their benefits. What happened to humanity? Why some people are unable to feel others pain?

“Cruelty is at its peak.”

Let’s discuss types of trafficking in detail:

In Research, it is found that if 68% of people are trapped with human trafficking then 26% of them are children and 55% are women and girls.

Sex Trafficking: Traffickers made sex trafficking or prostitution, a horrible and dreadful business to make money. Girls and women forcefully pushed in this business to sell themselves to make earnings. These traffickers can be the one who she loved romantically, her parents, a family member, neighbor or the one she trusted for his lies of providing job. We all know, many girls are very impressed with the limelight of big screen. Hence, they want themselves there and try for dancing, modeling and acting but before they reach to their dreams they get trapped by the pimps.

Labor Trafficking: Traffickers makes fake promises with victims of providing job and education but push them in laboring with little or no money and as they have no other option rather than tolerate abuse so they continue with working like that.

Sometimes, these heartless people remove organs from victim’s body to sell and make them physically challenged to be appropriate for begging at roadside.

Survivor Story

The survivor story I am going to mention below in this article is true but the name and identification is changed to protect the confidentiality of an individual”.

“Ruby, a confident girl once, was kidnapped and raped by her boyfriend “Himanshu”. Her boyfriend called his friends and asked Ruby to satisfy them as he was getting money from it. Himanshu made a video of her and started threatening. He said he will arrange more clients day by day and he will be earning more and more. Ruby was helpless as she is very afraid on leakage of her video. So, she agreed.

One day she explained everything to her friend and then her friend informed the police. Now, Ruby is safe at her home the video was trashed by the police and Himanshu is in their custody.

Ruby has faced a lot in her young age. She is recovering from the trauma and working as a teacher in a preschool.”

If you or someone you know, is suffering from human trafficking then help. Give call on helpline to save one’s life. Have a heart and fight against this brutal crime rather than turning your face around.

“Raise Your Voice to Stop This Cruelty”.

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