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Sickening Rapped Story of 10-Year Old Girl, Soon to be a Mother

Child Rape Survivor

Saddened deeply while penning it down that I am living in a male dominant society. Before you assume anything would like to clear this article is not about equal rights and not about women empowerment. This article is about how much cruel and inhuman we have become. Seriously, the girls feel insecure and afraid about their security. We got the opportunity to work in companies to celebrate our individuality but are not secure now. In my office girls is requesting management by applying to leave office early because of the increase in crime against women.

I hope everyone is aware of the news of 10-year girl’s pregnancy and delivery on this Thursday (17th August 2017). Can you even imagine baby girl to become a mother? Her age is to play with toys not to give birth.

“This girl lives in Chandigarh, basically from Nepal. Her mother works as domestic help and father is a watchman. The Child was raped by her maternal uncle (a hotel worker) continuously for seven months. Nobody was aware of her pregnancy, One day when she complained about the stomach ache, her pregnancy came in the light in July this year. The high court rejected the plea of abortion as she was 26 weeks pregnant at that time. The child was examined by PGIMER and they said yes to continue the pregnancy as there was no scope for abortion.

She is at higher risks since the pelvic bones are not fully developed in minors. According to the doctors, vaginal delivery and C-Section both are dangerous for the little girl at such a young age.”

“A Black Spot on Indian Society, which will be never forgotten”

This is not the only case in child rape and pregnancy. A girl is suspected of same age and situation on May of this year from Haryana. She was 18 – 22 weeks pregnant and court leaves the decision on the doctors of PGIMS that if abortion can be done. Later doctors confirmed pregnancy can be terminated without any complications.

The judgment and rules vary in different parts of the country for pregnancies termination of rape survivors. In 2015, Supreme Court allowed 25 weeks termination to the 14-year girl.

Still, we don’t have any strict law against these rapists, a tight slap on humanity, society, and individual. They knew that worst is a prison, where they will get food, clothes, and shelter. They don’t need to worry about anything inside the prison as they are getting everything. But the whole life got ruined is of a girl who survived this cruelty and will have to bear this mental wound for her entire life. These criminals should be hanged till death so that others can learn the lesson out of it.

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