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Possible Reasons behind Indexing Issues

Index status

Are you facing issues with website indexation? This is very common and important question that everyone must take care of. I will discuss the possible reasons behind indexing problems in this article today.

1) Canonical Issue: Website must have only single version of the website. Having multiple versions of a homepage is not at all recommended and is against Google’s policies. For example: etc…

The website should have single home version rather than multiple types to avoid duplicity and making your website eligible for indexation.

2) Robots.txt: This might possible that knowingly or unknowingly you’ve blocked the site by adding it in robots.txt file. This file is used to tell crawlers about pages those needs to be avoided during crawling. If that is the case then simply make the appropriate changes in the file and your website will start showing in Search engines. One must use this file carefully.

3) New Site: If your website is new then it might possible that Google hasn’t found your site yet. To make your site noticeable to search engine, submit your website in Search Console and use fetch as Google option available there to submit request for indexing.

If your website is already submitted in Search Console then make sure of using the tool mentioned above.

4) Crawl Errors: Once you have your website added in the search console then you can check that how many and which pages are sending crawling errors. If pages are showing the crawl error report then that can be the reason behind no indexation. Make sure that your website won’t have crawl errors.

5) XML Sitemap: One of the most important factors XML Sitemap plays vital role in indexing. Make XML Sitemap available on your website and add it in the Search console as well. This file is basically a list of all Webpages of the site.

6) Blocked by .htaccess: If you are facing non-indexing problem then .htaccess file can be checked to find blocking issues.

7) Duplicate Content: If your website consist duplicate content then it violates Google’s Guidelines due to which your website may not get indexed.

8) Noindex and Nofollow Tags: Check the website’s source or HTML page to review if your site is blocked with noindex or nofollow tags.

9) Privacy Settings: It might possible that you’ve inadvertently kept privacy settings on for your website. If the Privacy settings are on then you must change it to make your website indexed.

10) Website Loading Speed: If your website is taking too much time to load then crawlers will not index your website as they don’t like heavy websites. In general, it’s been said that website must be load between 5 seconds.

11) Ajax, frames, JavaScript: In such cases execution required to be accurate. Google avoid indexing for such because they are not easily indexable as HTML. Though Google does index Ajax.

12) Hosting Down Times: If your site is not running/live how you can expect it to get indexed? If your website is giving access problems then you must check things with your site’s hosting to fix the connectivity problem.

13) Deindexed by Algorithm: One of the important reasons behind non-indexing of your website can be deindexed by Google. Well, if you are not following norms set by Google then you can be hit by Google’s algorithm.

Efforts, time and money all are waste, if your site is not getting indexed. Check your website for technicalities to get rid of problems.

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