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Must Know SEO Factors to Rank Higher

SEO Ranking Factors

We all are already aware of the advantages of implementing Search Engine optimization also known as SEO for our business. Today, we will discuss SEO processes in this article.

SEO is alienated into two phrases:

1.) On- Page Optimization: A SEO expert initially works on the website’s various technical factors to make the site available online according to Google guidelines. Google prefers User- friendly websites for their SERPs to show. Technical factors to improve your website presence are:

  • Content Overview: Websites were using static content earlier but the content flow is changing now and we all are well aware of the advantages of having the quality content on the website. Content is playing a role of King in SEO. In simple words, if you are updating information on your website with quality and uniqueness then it will help your SEO Tactics to boost the advantages online.
  • URL Structure: URLs of the Webpages should be easy to remember. Try avoiding multiple special characters insertion as they can make it complex. Keep your URLs simple with having a name of the page/service/product so that users can easily understand that what the page is all about.
  • Sitemaps: The Sitemap separated into two categories: Crawler friendly and User friendly. We should work on both of them as Google likes User friendly sites. There are various types such as: XML Sitemap, ROR, URLList, HTML, XHTML etc; we will be discussing this in details in our next article.
  • Robots: With robots we can tell Search engines about the pages need to be avoided while indexing website.
  • Meta Tags: Two major Meta tags are: Title and Description. Both of them are very important because Search Engine uses them as a brief of the Webpage to show in the SERPs.
  • Structured Data: Webmasters are utilizing the benefits of using structured data on Google’s SERPs. Website highlights can appear on Google if accurate markup is used on the website.
  • Internal Linking: To enhance the user experience we should use internal linking as it helps to navigate from one page to another as per user interest.
  • Loading Speed: Website loading plays a vital role because we also don’t like slow website as users. Ask yourself how much time you can wait for a site to download? Obviously, you will move to the next site. According to Google website loading speed should not exceeds 5 seconds to download.
  • Canonization: Two types of canonization issues can be found in websites. URL Canonical and IP Canonical. As the name suggests, if your website is available on different URL/path then it will be considered as duplicity.
  • W3C Validation: Syntax errors can make your website readability difficult for search engines. To improve the search engine experience make your website HTML/syntax error free.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: As we discussed earlier Google gives precedence to User friendly sites and it connects here as well. Today almost everyone has Smartphones and the usage of it is increasing rapidly. People are using their Smartphone to surf online and reaching to the websites as per their interest. All in all webmaster needs to work on user experience (Desktop and Mobile) with their websites to build business online.

2.) Off-page Optimization: After on-page optimization next step includes off-page optimization process. In this step, SEO expert work on publicizing your site on different authoritative websites to build awareness in people about the brand and its services or products. There are a number of techniques on which SEO professional will work few of them are:

  • Content Publication: Content marketing plays very crucial role in spreading information or updates online about the brand. Content Marketing includes different publication tactics i.e. Blog posting, Press release, PPT, PDF etc.
  • Infographics: New way to present your information or content in the form graphics. In this technique, you can publish your content in the form of an image. You can choose color combinations, images to let the visitor know about the theme. With infographics, you can make your information eye-catching.
  • Video Promotions: If your website has videos then optimizing them on YouTube and on other video submission platforms would be a great idea. People love to watch than reading stuff.
  • Video Infographics: If your business does not have any videos then you can create those with many free and paid tools.
  • Product Submissions: Avail the benefit of listing your products on different free and paid product based website to engage users.
  • Local Citations: If your business deals locally then working on local citations is very important.

The list of tactics is quite lengthy and I tried to mention few of the important ones above. Please feel free to add your suggestions and queries in the comments section.

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