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Is Brain Drain Better Than Brain In The Drain?

Brain drain refers to the emigration from home country to another country for best opportunities. A brain drain takes place when an individual go abroad to study and does not return back or individuals study in their home country but serve services in other country.

Brain drain occurs when a knowledgeable, well-educated and skilled professional finds lack in career advancements in home country.

Causes of Brain Drain

  • Economic Factor: If the current country is facing unemployment or offering less salaries then people Brain Drain - Today Blog Shoutmigrate to another country for better employment opportunities and after that less developed country face poor working conditions.
  • Political Factor: Migration to another country causes political instability in home country as people do not show confidence and chooses better life by moving out. The reasons can be wars, social mayhem or difficulties of culture, ethnic etc.
  • Lack of Information: Many scholars, sent to abroad for further or higher studies but after completing their education they do not come back and accept working in abroad.
  • Technological Gap: A technological gap is also one main reason behind that. Many powerful countries are ahead of others when it comes to technology.

Hence, people who are serving their services in other countries are making them more powerful and developed. If this trend continues then, developing country can never take step further to become developed one as there is loss of tax return, loss of skilled employees, loss of health and education services, loss of innovative ideas and many more.

There are few benefits attached with Brain Drain like: People who moved to developed countries learn new tactics, skills and expertise which can be utilized to help their home country once they come back.

Solutions for Brain Drain

  • Necessary education needs to be fulfilled in the home countries. Education platform needs to be stronger so that individual does not relocate.
  • Higher wages should be offered according to one’s qualification.
  • Good Government needed for economic growth.
  • Better research facilities should be available.
  • Political Stability needed.

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