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Increasing Number of Snatching in Tricity


Snatching or stealing cases are very high in number, especially with women. We generally say, “Chandigarh – city beautiful” is very securing comparatively Delhi but I guess that is all a history now. People are unsafe in Chandigarh as well.

One of my friends, Amita Sharma, was reaching home after completing her office timings with her sister. They were about to enter their house and doesn’t understand that from where a person came on a bike and snatched the purse from her arm in seconds. She was standing shocked, for a couple of minutes she was trying to understand that what actually happened with her. All of her cash, cards, and eatables were inside that bag. She was seeking for a help but nobody helped them. She lives here as a paying guest. She got nervous and after relaxing for almost 15 minutes she started requesting companies to block the cards. Amita’s sister tried to look for the number plate but guess what… It was painted white, no number at all. This is not about only 1 case; one girl in my office has also faced this robbery before Amita’s snatching case.

This particular incident impacted her socially, economically and psychologically. She feels unsafe while walking on the road in the night which is increasing distress and fear in her. After this frightening experience, she looks at every person with a doubt on streets. She started thinking that everyone is watching her moves and someone going to come, hit her again and snatch the purse.

These snatch thefts are very openly happening on streets of Mohali’s high crowded places i.e. 7 Phase, 3b2, 9 Phase etc. I don’t understand one thing when the police are available everywhere i.e. markets, roads, traffic lights etc then how come this is happening. You can find them relaxing in their jeeps or eating fruits from vendors.

Managers in the companies do say that we respect our female staff but when you’ll go and ask them to change your shift timings to a bit early they’ll say no, we cannot. Whether you have work after 7 or not you’ll have to come in 11 – 8 shift. You are not allowed to leave before 8 or say, in IT Company, you can know about when you are coming office but you cannot assume about leaving. I know that we have to adjust as we chose this field 🙂

You know why crimes are increasing in our lovable city? I know why. Because humanity is vanishing, people do not care and help others while they are in problem. Our police are so much busy in finding their convenience than taking care of Aam Janta’s security.

Common people, let’s get more human by helping others and keep our Chandigarh beautiful.

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