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Importance and Understanding of Sitemaps

Types of Sitemap

With enabling sitemaps one can inform search engines and users about the website URLs. In general, it contains the list of URLs to make Webpages available easily. Not only this we provide important information to the search engines about the necessary information i.e. what your page is all about, last updated, importance of the page etc.  Sitemaps are separated into two types and they are:

  • Crawler Sitemaps: We can create a sitemap for crawlers so that they can read our website more intelligently and efficiently. We have different types of crawler sitemaps and they are:
  • XML: XML Sitemap is used by every search engine to read Webpages of the website. This type plays an important role to make your website SEO and crawler friendly.
  • ROR: Resource of Resources also abbreviated as ROR as the name suggests this file not only contains the URLs of the website but brief of the page as well.
  • URLList: Generally this is a text file contains the URLs of the website. URLList is used by Yahoo Search engine to read your site’s pages.
  • User Sitemaps: As we all know that Google gives priority to the websites those works to improve the User behavior. Normally, visitors don’t use such file to navigate the website but still, we can add user sitemaps to improve their experience. Example of user sitemaps are: HTML and XHTML.

We can utilize a variety of tools available online to create sitemaps. I normally use to generate these files as it is a free tool. It is very easy to use and provide priority setup as well. But with this tool, we cannot generate sitemaps of the bigger websites because it allows 500 pages to fetch. You can switch to A1 sitemaps to generate the file for big sites.

After creating a sitemap you need to add it in the root of the website or you can use plugins as well to generate this file.  Many platforms provide this feature such as WordPress.

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