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Impact of PC Games in Today’s Life Style

Games have always been the biggest source of entertainment and have been famous amongst all the age categories. In our every walk of life we all play some or the other games on some social gatherings, planned schedules and on instant plans. We all love to play different kinds of games which entertain and keep us engaged.

Games are the real stress busters. For example, if someone had a bad day and he is stressed out because of that bad moment happened with him. He will be disheartened and will lose his interest in other tasks. But if he starts playing any sort of game he will realize that his stress is reduced gradually. The more he will play the game the more he will be away from that stressed feeling. Normally gaming is categorized under two heads: One is Outdoor Gaming & Second is Indoor Gaming. Outdoor gaming is an old method of playing games whereas Indoor gaming is the new and latest method of playing games inside the residential premises and in some place inside the building. The indoor games involve very less amount of physical moments than the outdoor games. Amongst all the PC games are most famous indoor games. But there some positives and some negatives of PC games which impact the human life.

Merits of PC Games:-

  • Entertainment – the fundamental aim of PC Games is to entertain the public and the user of the game. PC stands for Personal Computer therefore, the games which are installed and then played on personal computers are called PC Games.
  • Stress Buster – As we have discussed above that these indoor games are stress busters and it has power to control the mental ability of humans. While playing these games the user feels relaxed and entertained.
  • Motivator – It works as a motivator for the user as the gamer passes the stages with different difficulties he gets motivation to clear the next level with more enthusiasm. And after couple of days this becomes his habit to excel in every task of life.
  • Good Time Pass – PC Games are good time pass for everyone. One can play it for some time and he can play it for rest of the day as it is so interesting and entertaining for all the ages.
  • Develops Focus – The games are good tool of developing the focus factor in the gamers. As the game needs to be played with great focus and eye contact. And if the gamer takes his focus away of the game even for a moment he loses the game.

Demerits of PC Games:-

  • Waste Of Time – Though PC Games are entertaining but the biggest drawback of it is waste of time. Once you start playing the game you will be continuously engaged in playing and you will have no idea how much time is wasted.
  • Waste of Money – The biggest waste is of money in the process of PC Gaming. As these days the high graphic games required specific configuration in the PC to install and to run these games successfully. So lot of money is involved in acquiring process and maintaining process.
  • Health Hazards – Continuous Gaming can result in the different types of health hazards in the gamers. Mental disorders can be experienced. Eyes related illnesses can be encountered and backbone related issues can be seen.
  • Habit of Isolation – With continuous play of PC games one can develop the habit of staying alone. The gamers sometimes build a virtual world around them and they feel happy and positive in that environment rather in the real world.
  • Weight – The gamer builds such a habit that he keeps playing, he eats, he studies, he rests and even he sleeps there only and that way his physical workout gets reduced and he starts putting on weight. And gradually becomes heavy.

Conclusion – Although there are some drawbacks of PC Gaming and its habits, still it is a great source of entertainment and it is a great stress buster. And people are using it every day. Gaming is directly related with new technology and new standards of international market.

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