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Having Green Tea Is Good or Bad For Health

Green Tea Is Good or Bad For Health

We take a cup of tea every morning or in the evening to energies ourselves. It provides us sufficient energy to work little more within the available hours of the day. But unlike the black tea which we consume everyday, green tea includes herbs and minerals and vitamins in it. And we take it as a medicine for our body. Green tea has so many herbs in its mix that it is actually added in routine to cut out so many health related issues. The green tea is always consumed without adding milk in it, it is made in boiled water and lemon juice. Lemon juice is the add on value to the green tea and to it’s effectiveness. Green tea contains high volume of polyphenols and its powerful antioxidants fight against the illness. Let’s understand if green tea is good or bad for health.

Benefits of Green Tea:-

    • Weight Loss – The most common reason of having green tea is to reduce the extra weight from the body. The antioxidants in green tea helps in cutting the extra weight and body mass.
    • Reduces the chances of strokes – The people who take green tea on daily basis as their daily routine, they don’t face problems of heart strokes. The chances of strokes are reduced to the extent that the person who takes it for a longer period of time will be healthy for rest of his life.
    • Prevents different types of Cancers – Green tea contains several vitamins and antioxidants which fight against the illnesses and the major disease like cancer. Green tea can actual prevent a person from different types of cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer etc.
    • Increased Brain Strength – Green helps in increasing the strength of brain and building the strong focus for long hours of work. It also helps in the old age when we start forget things.
    • Good Health – The herbs and minerals of green tea keeps our health good. Green tea has great impact on our stomach and maximum physical illnesses and medical health issues arise because of bad stomach. So, green tea is a great solution for that.

Disadvantages of Green Tea:-

      • Bad stomach – continues consumption of green tea can result in bad stomach problems as the main ingredient caffeine harms the stomach.
      • Headaches – After a certain time of consumption of green tea one can face the issue of headaches every now and then because of the caffeine as it’s integral ingredient.
      • Deficiency of iron – Because of the ingredients in green tea and the regular use of it the consumer can experience the iron deficiency in his body and he can feel weakness in the body.
      • Vomiting – A person who is new to have green tea can feel vomiting several times in a day as the antioxidants can create oxidative stress in chest of consumer which is the main reason.
      • Acid reflux – Green tea is acidic and continuous consumption of it can increase the scenario of acidic reflux in the body of a consumer.

Conclusion – One should have free tea once or twice in day some times as it is good source of Vitamin C and E. And as we have discussed that it increases the brain strength and focus power and it is used to reduce the weight and extra fat from the body. But one should also keep in mind that having the green tea in huge volume can effect in the long term. There are some major illnesses which can occur due to regular consumption of green tea.

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