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Female Feticide – A Brutal Truth of Our Society

We all are well aware with the demand of boy child over Girl child in Indian society. Earlier, when technology was not advanced people used to kill their daughters after birth or if in case they keep their girl child and do not kill her then the trend of giving birth continues until they get a boy child. People in ancient times treat women as if they are just a machine to produce kids but nothing more than this. This is because of the mentality that girls are curse for their families. Hence, girls only takes from their families but boys only gives. This mentality made Indian Society murderers!!

Now as technology is enhancing female feticide has increased. Female foeticide is the removal of healthy female foetus from the mother uterus. Female feticide took the leap when ultrasound was introduced.

How can someone just abort her unborn girl child? The thought itself is very cruel. If a family or husband is insisting to take this disgusting step then why mother cannot speak and raise her voice against this horrifying act? We cannot totally blame father or family for this because mother is also equally guilty or responsible for this.

The skewed sex ratio is not hidden from anyone due to the sex selective abortions. According to the stats, there are only 927 females to 1000 males which lead to serious society development issues. Consequences behind this brutal crime are:Female Feticide - Save Girl Child - Today Blog Shout

  • Killing a foetus continuously in the womb of women until they conceive a male child can lead to increase in the maternal deaths as abortion makes them weaken.
  • There will be shortage of girls for marriages because people does not want a girl child to avoid any future expanses i.e. dowry.
  • To remove the burden of the family, girls get married at their early age. This is why Child marriages are increasing.
  • Due to the shortage of girls they got kidnapped and sold out at various prices. This leads them to nowhere but to prostitution.

All of this is happening because of the illiteracy and rigid mentality. Today, women is getting education and in fact are working, they are no less of men but still the women treated with low status in the male dominant society.

Why all of this? Just because people’s misconception that girl will leave them one day and go to her husband’s home and then she’ll take care of them only. Are you serious? I mean how many of you going to agree on this? We all know that girls are taking care of two homes together. The reality is boys are leaving their parents today and afterwards their girls are taking care of them. It is high time to be alarmed. We should not use the technology advancement in the wrong directions.

“Raise your baby girl and let her make you proud.”

Today’s generation is very intelligent and many of my male friends say that they want to have a baby girl. The time is changing and I think we should too change our thought process because we are modern with our outlook but from inside we are still rigid.


  1. ig

    August 2, 2017 at 4:49 am

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    • Neha

      August 2, 2017 at 6:48 am

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