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Why Eve Teasing is so common in India?

Stop Eve Teasing

Eve teasing is a social crime in which men sexually harasses or molest a women by whistling, commenting or any physical gesture. In India, you can face this dirty social evil anywhere whether it is Mall, school, market, college or even on a road as well. Boys won’t let you pass the way without making nasty comments. Watching and suffering from this ridicules foul of our society made me write this blog today.

I am not saying that every boy is doing this but every second girl is suffering from this awful social immorality. I mean from where these boys get this much of confidence and courage to do this in public places? This is happening because people ignore such things and doesn’t raise their voice when the group of boys humiliates a girl.

Sometimes they start stalking as well, these Roadside Romeos doesn’t understand the meaning of No. When a girl is saying NO then why they just don’t stop themselves there? What if some other person is doing same with your sister? If you cannot bear this then why are you harassing other girls? Bunches of creeps are doing these annoying things in public to display their dominance/power upon women.

“Stop treating women as sex object”

If you want to listen or read any real story on eve teasing then I am sure each and every girl can help you in this with their own experiences. But I really want to share that I read one article by a British young girl who was here in India suffered from this terrible loop hole of our society. In her words, “She was sitting at a bus stop in Mumbai, writes Lucy Hemmings, when a man “pulled out his penis and was masturbating, staring intently…” After this, she was totally shocked and she said that I started keeping a knife with me and stooped making any eye contacts with any male in India.

This was just one incident which I mentioned but there are a lot to which you can go through to know the mentality of Indian MENS. A girl in Chennai killed herself because of ongoing eve teasing and stalking.

“If we will not stop these boys here then they will become rapists in coming future”

Many brave women confront these eve teasers to stop this nonsense by showing their anger. However most of them just believe in avoiding these guys because they are apprehensive of the consequences and ingest their sentiment of pride and humiliation.

Let’s raise our voice against this menace and take our society to new levels by ending this male dominance. Give equal opportunities to females as well to live their life fully. Don’t cut their wings and stop blaming their outfits.

“Let’s build a better world, a better India”

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