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Dowry an Evil Truth of the Society


We say that dowry is no more existing in our society but is that so? Do you really think that we have overcome from this awful error of our society? I know that dowry ritual is less now than the previous times but it still exists.

I am not taking an example of anyone else today. I will tell you about the situations happening in my family. We are three sisters, we don’t have father as he left us in my early childhood. After my father’s death my mom struggled a lot just to stand her 4 kids. She provided us good education and today we all are working. We are doing well in our professions but when it comes to marriage we always get stuck because we don’t have a father. People talks rubbish few times and mom bares everything, why? Is it her fault that she doesn’t choose a second marriage over her children’s?

I asked my mother to just give an advertisement in the newspaper for marriage. Guess what, we got few calls, 1 said that she don’t have a father!! We are sorry. Another said everything is fine but tell me how much you can invest in a marriage? And which car you are going to gift your daughter? Blah Blah Blah … the calls we received were full with nonsense.

Seriously all these things are very hurtful. When I saw my mother sitting alone in the balcony with few tears in her eyes, I said why you are worrying this much. Marriage is not everything, we all are individuals and can live our life’s happily with you than with anyone else, and we don’t need a man who cannot understand emotions. I don’t want to become an ATM machine for someone. Yes, I want to work after marriage as well but that is just for the individuality. I want a man who can stand by my side throughout the life’s different phrases. I don’t want a greedy husband at all, who just keep on asking for favors from my family.

After listening to me my mom looked at me with a deep silence and putted her hand on my head. I know these are some rules of the society that one must marry after sometime otherwise people taunts a lot. We as grownups can manage but cannot see our parents going through this.

I was filled with so many emotions today and wasn’t sure that to whom I can speak to about this. So just wrote everything out.

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