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Don’t Let Negativity Affect You – Stay Positive

Have faith in God

What is positive and negativity? We all have different situations, problems and solutions. We all want a perfect life with no hurdles in a way, which is human nature and that is all normal. We get hurt by the person we trust and expect so much from but that is not their problem. It is our problem that why are we expecting something from someone for us. Hence, we many times start blaming God for the mishap or problems by pointing why are you doing this to me and all that stuff.

I am not saying that everyone does that but yes many of us do that. Why go far to take an example of someone to explain, I myself do this. Whatever the problem would be I just started asking God that why is it happening to me? I know that I am not going to get any answer for that but still I used to do that. If there is good happening in life then I just thank God for it once or maybe something skip that too. This means that I am selfish 🙁

One of my colleagues more than a friend who sits next to me always helps me to maintain my faith in God. Whenever I started losing it she always tells me her personal experience and trust me if you’ll listen to her experiences then you will also get inspired.  She has faced many obstacles with just a faith in God.

Now, I stopped blaming God for any problem as now I understand that he just take our exams. He has well for everyone as we all are his children. So people those blame others for whatever happens to them stop doing so and live the life fully. Have faith in God 🙂

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