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A Dig in Google Updates – Algorithmic & Manual

Google Algorithms

People run the business online as we are living in a digital world now. Gone are the days when one has to go to the market and search for things to buy for themselves. Nowadays, we all have Smartphone, desktop or laptop to keep ourselves updated or to shop. Everything is available online and businesses take help of SEO and PPC once they have a website for their business. Many people provide these services (ethically and unethically).

Google set guidelines to keep SERPs spam-free, well-run and accurate and for that it rollouts numerous updates to filter out the Google guidelines violators. Let’s discuss types here:

1) Algorithmic Penalty: To improve search engine result pages with good relevant and ethical SEO performance, Google updates many algorithms, almost daily. Officials confirm few of them but many go unnoticed and unconfirmed. These timely updates from Google are only to improve the user experience and quality of search. There are almost 500+ algorithms and few major from them are as follows:

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • EMD
  • Pigeon
  • Fred
  • Mobile Friendly

2) Manual Penalty: When the automated Google algorithm process is overridden by a web spam team member who flags your website. In this penalty webmaster gets a message by Search console team as a notification so that owner can get rid of that wrong tactics followed to achieve results.

  • Recovery: To remove the penalty we have two different ways for these two types of penalty.
  1. If the penalty is manual then you must acknowledge the message received by web spam team in search console and start working on the mistakes. You can send reconsideration request after the cleanup process and your website will be back with stats.
  2. If the penalty is algorithmic then you have to work on the errors but in this case, you cannot request for reconsideration. After fixing all the loopholes you will have to wait for next algorithm rollout to recover your website fully.

One must follow the set of Google rules to receive fruitful results of efforts Putin. Have queries or want to share your views? Please comment below.

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