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Build a Better World with Girl Education

This is 21st century but we are still very behind if it comes to thought process. We are very rigid when it comes to child education. Parents’ very strongly believes that their son needs to be educated as he will take care of them in future and there is no need to educate girl child as they have to leave their home one day. Hence, they do not consider girl education and think, they are meant to be at home and do all homely work. Are you serious? I mean, please open up your eyes, mind and see where the world has reached. Girls can do better if given a chance and many are doing it already.

Why do you differentiate between your kids? Learn from Girl Education - Today Blog Shoutpeople those are playing significant role in education. Learn from parents’ who are not only helping their son to be educated but daughters as well. Do not keep them away from what they are and what they can do. Believe in their potential and encourage them.

Today, women’s are doing job and showing their skills to the world. She is playing both roles; as working women and as a housewife very fluently. If you think, she will not be able to do anything without you then let me correct you, She knows and capable of handling any circumstances.

Let’s take Ms. Shruti as an example who is going to take place of judge soon in the same court where her father sells tea outside of.

If I’ll say that women’s are better than Men’s, it will be wrong because we are not fighting over who is best and who is not. We are discussing over equal rights, opportunities, choices, justice, education etc. Both are best at their own. They both need each other at every phase of life. She wants to be with a man who can support her, understand her and help her in every decision making. Both of them work as pillars of the family.

Believe in her, let her expand her wings and make a difference.

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