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The Body, Shape & Style: What’s More About Fashion?


Yes, clothes do projects the self-image and send off the powerful signals to nobles and strangers as well. However, when its particularly about fashion, then it isn’t all about carrying dashing, expensive costumes of brands you buy from malls and shopping centers. In the contemporary human world, there is an extensive rise of fashion in many areas including slang, accessorizing homes, car styling, painting, walking, etc.

Comparing to other steep signals, fashion seems trifling and bungling: for what reason do we want to continually supersede perfect things with something new and extraordinary? In the recent days, everyone is after fashion, considering it a thing that makes them see better above others.

However, the real theory behind fashion is one’s knowledge with information, i.e. how easily an individual can access to it and one’s ability to differentiate useful information from the bad. To be at the leading edge of the new fashion forms, you need to be aware of both what is new and what is upcoming. The cost in fashion is the danger of committing an error, of embracing the wrong thing.

The acceleration of information along with the rate of change in fashion goes faster and faster. In the late fifteenth century, fashion grows slowly. Even, it could take almost a year for the information of what trend was there in the Paris to reach a princess in Poland. But, nowadays, fashion moves instantaneously around the world and changes in a few months. If considering the negative side, fashion consequently makes huge waste, making everyone misunderstanding the real facts.

Likewise, fashion is firmly related to the adoption of innovation. We can consider them orthogonal wonders: a true fashion is inclusive having no practical utility and is adapted to signal social position, whereas the innovation is all about utility, embraced for its usefulness. Understanding their interplay causes us comprehend why new thoughts or ideas do and don’t spread.

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