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What an Associate or Affiliate Program is All About?

Affiliate Program

Companies offer affiliate or associate programs to improve their sales via providing commission on each sale made through marketing from a specific ID generated while registering. In simple words, people make themselves register as an affiliate and promote company’s products online with the specific ID provided them to earn commission.

This marketing includes performance based earnings. For an example, affiliate will get his or her commission from a merchant only if a user sent by them on the website makes any purchase. Before proceeding to associates program people commonly has a query, how will company track the visitors sent through me on their website. Well, I can understand the curiosity as your commission is totally dependent on this. But no need to worry, company will provide you unique URL or ID through which they track that how many visitors/sales are from you.

Now, if you have a website and want it to be an earning source for you then I would suggest you to go with this. I know that people much more rely on ADSense then any other method but how about if you can use both of these earning methods together 🙂 yes that’s true, there is no such problem in utilizing them side by side for your website as Affiliate marketing does not violate Google Adsense’s TOS.

These associate programs are free so you don’t need to worry about the cost and time. Just register yourself and start promoting the products. Well, it can cost you if you are taking help of PPC. Once you’ll get your unique ID start promoting the products or services and start earning.

Many big brands provide this program such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Shopclues and the list continues…

Please let me know your experience by using the comments section below. Good Luck (Y)

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