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10 Best Methods To loose Weight Effectively

lose weight

In today’s era of globalization and technological enhancement where competition amongst people and their peer groups is intense, people hardly get time to take care of themselves and to have healthy and right food at the right time on specified schedules. But due to busy schedules and tight shift timings one doesn’t get enough time to spare some time to have proper breakfast, lunch and ever dinner sometimes. Some people have started adopting the brunch (Breakfast + Lunch) as to have food in the day time. Which is not really good for their health in a long run. Now, people are just taking food as a compulsion but not as a necessity of life which is actually very dangerous and risky for their forthcoming life span. So as an easy option people eat fast food available on the local streets. The food they usually eat is full of fat, oil, spices and chilies. Which in regular habit turns into the bad junk food. This junk food badly effects on the human body and it starts putting up the weight rapidly. And a result the person turns bulgy and heavy. The fat body is a main source of several different dangerous health issues which may occur sooner or later. Today most of people are tensed and irritated because of their body weight. But one should not loose the hope as there are so many ways to loose the weight and develop the fit physic. So, out of all the positive and tested methods of reducing the weight, 10 most effective methods are listed below. If you want to loose your weight religiously you need to practice and follow these methods.

10 Best Methods To Reduce Weight:-

  • Walking

– The first and the most effective and easiest way of reducing weight is a walk. If you want to reduce your weight you need to add walk in your daily routine. If you want to see better results try to do walk twice in the morning and in the evening. If you can run jogging would be even better.

  • Running

– Running is also a very effective exercise to reduce weight in a very short time. A runner will never face the problem of bulging tummy or over weight body. One can burn maximum calories and body fat by regular running. One can always change the track of running by his own. One can choose plain track, rocky track, sea side track, hilly track etc.

  • Cardio

– Cardio is one the most effective core exercise. It is the combination of some set physical exercises which help in reduce weight in set specific time period. There are different cardio centres available for a nominal fee one can join it.

  • Gymming

– The classical and hardcore method of reducing weight is gymming. Gymming involves lot many mechanical and physical exercises which are done through gymming machines in the gym centres. It requires strength and stamina in the body to do these hardcore exercises but are very effective in reducing the weight.

  • Cycling

– In the era of 70s , 80s and 90s cycling was very famous mode of transportation. And was most convenient and cheap vehicle. And because of continuous cycling people used to be fit and they never had the problem of heavy weight and bulging stomach. Even now this method is very effective. Those who ride the bicycle every day they stay fit.

  • Rope Skipping

– Another very effective and domestic method of reducing the weight is rope skipping. This particular exercise needs very low space and one can start doing this exercise with the help of skipping rope. This article is available in local markets, sports houses and in online markets for a very nominal price. To get better results increase the numbers of skipping.

  • Yoga

– From the ancient times the yoga has been a great source of energy and fitness of body. In yoga there are certain exercises which one performs called Yoga Aasans. With the help of these aasans one can reduce weight and can get fir and energetic body.

  • Avoid Junk Food

– To reduce your weight effectively you need to avoid having junk food as it is the main source of cholesterol and fat increase in the human body. Eat healthy food, fruits, juice etc. Try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and on set schedules. And even try to have less amount of food in the night.

  • Swimming

– Just like other exercises swimming is also a very good exercise for reducing the weight. One can get fit by doing regular swimming. It is like a core exercise.

  • Physio-therapy

– A new technique of reducing weight without doing any physical exercises is physiotherapy. It is a form of body message through which the physiotherapist cuts the extra body mass and reduces the body weight of the person who is treated. But it is a costly treatment and a continuous process.


– Body fat and heavy body are the real problem related with human body. Most of the people in the world are stressed out because of this problem. The main reason of this problem for it’s occurrence is the life style and the eating habits of the people. But one should not get disheartened as weight reduction is possible by doing all these above mentioned exercises and following the don’ts.

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